by Jeff Schreve

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What Every Family Needs (3 of 5)
Series: Modern Family: God's Wisdom for Today's Families
Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 4:29-32

Culture is an interesting word. It's been defined as the behaviors and beliefs and values of a particular society, or group, or tribe, or organization. Culture affects the way people think and the way people feel, the way people express themselves, and the way people interact with one another. Did you know that corporations have a particular culture?

Before God called me into the ministry, I worked for three different companies. The first two I didn't really notice much in terms of culture. But the third company, Nalco Chemical Company, it just screamed out culture. It had a particular culture. And the culture was kind of this at Nalco: It was kind of like the cheer for the Marshall Football Team. You know they did a movie about that football team - ''We are Marshall!'' And Nalco, they didn't really have a cheer, but it was kind of like an underlying cheer - ''We are Nalco.'' That was kind of the culture. We're better than everybody else. We are the absolute best. Well, I learned pretty quickly in that culture that you don't ever bring up anything negative. You're at a regional meeting, a national meeting - don't ever bring up something that could be construed as negative. Don't ever ask a stupid question. Always dress to the nines, because the group I worked with at Nalco was all about what kind of suit you wore, and that was really important, and so those kinds of things. And always be rah-rah. Always know the cheer - ''We are Nalco.'' And never lose an account. If you lost an account, be afraid, be very afraid. And so you're always just kind of like, ''Gosh, this is just so much pressure.'' And there was just pressure that they would put on a sales person.

Well, I had an account one time and we had a change in the decision maker. The guy that I had been calling on, he got fired, or left, or something happened, and their new, a ne ...

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