by Jeff Schreve

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Marriage and Divorce (2 of 2)
Series: Till Death do us Part: What God Says about Marriage and Divorce
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1st Corinthians 7:10-24

If you have your Bible, turn to First Corinthians chapter 7. We've been going through First Corinthians on Wednesday nights, learning lots of stuff. If you have been involved in this series at all, you know that the church in Corinth was a church filled with problems. It had all kinds of problems. We've entitled this series, "And You Think You're Got Problems!" Hey, no matter what person in this room, or what church in the world, you think you've got problems, just go to the church at Corinth and see what was going on there because they had all sorts of problems. And as you can guess and imagine, they had problems with marriage and divorce, just like we have today in our world, in our society, big, big problems with marriage and divorce.

I heard about a couple. It was a Sunday afternoon. They were watching, television. And the husband says, "Well, I need to go outside and check on something." So he goes outside and he's gone for the longest time, and he's gone for hours. And his wife starts to wonder what has happened to him. She goes in the backyard. He's not there. She goes in the front yard. He's not there. He's not in the house. He's not in the garage. And she looks down the street, talks to some of the neighbors. She's concerned because now it's been three hours that he's gone. And she talks to one neighbor, and the one neighbor says, "Well, you know, you think something might have happened to him? Maybe we need to go to the police and fill out a missing person's report." And she said, "Well, we might need to because this is not like him at all." And so they go to the police, and the policeman talks to this wife. And he says to her "Well, describe your husband for me." She goes, "Oh, my husband, he's 6'4" He has thick, black, wavy hair. He's very fit and strong. He's got a 46 inch chest and a 34 inch waist. ...

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