by Jeff Schreve

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Adam and Eve (2 of 6)
Series: Understanding the Sexes: God's Blueprint for Men and Women
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Genesis 2:7-25

Well, if you have your Bibles, please turn to Genesis chapter 1 and Genesis chapter 2. We're going to look at those passages today. We want to talk about Adam and Eve.

I heard about a Sunday school teacher, fifth grade Sunday school teacher. And this Sunday school teacher was trying to teach his Sunday school class, about the evils of alcohol. And so he had an object lesson. And he brought in a glass of whiskey and he brought in a glass of water, and he put it on the table. And he had two worms in another little container. He told his class about the evils of alcohol. He picked up one of the worms and he put it in the glass of water. And the class watched as the worm just kind of was swimming around in the water just having a great time. Everything was wonderful. Very happy little worm. And then he took another worm and he put the worm in the glass of whiskey. And the worm fought, and the worm squirmed, and you could tell the worm was in pain. And, finally, after a while, the worm just curled up in a ball and died. And the teacher said, "Now class, do you see the lesson?" And one little boy jumped up and said, "I sure do. If you drink whiskey, you won't get worms!" Missed the point, right?

Hey, we're in a series called, "Understanding the Sexes: God's Blueprint for Men and Women." And if you look around in our world today, especially in America today, we have missed it. We've missed the lessons, the clear lessons that God has given us about men and women. And so much of society is trying to make men and women the same and trying to lump them all together. And we have all sorts of gender questions today. And males don't know whether they should be females, and females don't know if they should be males. And as I told you last week, we have he she's, and she he's, and transgendered people that are supposedly caught in the middle. The ...

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