by Jeff Schreve

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The Origin of Fear (1 of 7)
Series: God's Answer for Your Fears
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Genesis 3:1-12

Well, I'm glad that you're here tonight because we're starting a new series on fear. I'm calling this series, ''God's Answer for Your Fear.'' You've probably seen tee-shirts and bumper stickers that say, ''No Fear!'' And people try and wear a shirt and act tough. ''I don't have any fears.'' But the truth is that you have fears and I have fears. And we, as a people, have a lot of fears. We have anxieties about things and we have phobias about things, about weird things. I'm going to mention some phobias that you've probably heard of and maybe you haven't heard of and I promise you there are people in this room that have this fear, have this phobia.

Arachnophobia. You probably know about that from the movie, ''Arachnophobia'' It's a fear of spiders. Does anyone have a fear of spiders? Okay, a few of you don't like spiders.

I heard about a lady, true story, about a lady and she was the woman that would stand on the wooden board, and the knife thrower would throw knives. And she'd stand there while he'd throw these knifes all around her. One day, he was throwing the knives during a show. He was throwing the knives, and she screamed and fainted. And everyone thought that he had hit her and that she was dead. And they took her to the back room, stopped the show, took her to the back room and revived her and said, ''What happened?'' She said, ''I felt a spider crawling up my leg, and I'm afraid of spiders, and I fainted.'' Amazing! But some people have that fear.

Some people have glossophobia. You know what glossophobia is? That's the fear of public speaking. Does anyone have that fear? Lots of people have that fear.

Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces. Anybody have that one? I know a lot of people have claustrophobia. How about pentheraphobia? That's a fear of your mother-in-law. Ecclesiophobia. That's a fear of church. Some people have that on Sunday ...

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