by Jeff Schreve

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Sound The Alarm! (1 of 4)
Series: Face Off: Fighting for the Faith
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jude 1:4

If you have your Bible, please turn to the second to the last book of the New Testament, the little book of Jude. Only 25 verses in the book of Jude but it's power-packed.

Now I was born in 1962, 1962. You know, technologically, compared to today, 1962 was the dark ages. When I was a kid growing up, we did not have cell phones. We did not have I-pods. We did not have CD players. We did not have computers. We did not have cable TV. I don't know how I made it personally. I mean, we didn't have any of that. You know, we just grew up. And you guys can remember you who were born around that time or were alive around that time, you can remember TV was basically CBS, ABC, NBC, and a couple of UHF channels and the public television station, which was Lame-O. I mean you could go through pretty quick to see if there was anything on. But, as a kid, I had two older brothers, and they influenced me with television on particular shows. And I had some shows I really, really liked. "The Wild, Wild West" was one of my favorite shows. Do you remember Robert Conrad? I loved the way he combed his hair. I just thought he had the coolest hair. If I had hair, I'd wear it like that, but I don't have it. Robert Conrad, "The Wild, Wild West." Another show I liked was called "Lost in Space." Do you remember the Robinson Family? They were so cool. And you had a robot. And then that loser, Dr. Smith, was thrown in there just for comic relief. But I liked that show. But the granddaddy of them all, the best show perhaps ever made, "Star Trek," right? With these three, Captain Kirk, James Tiberius Kirk, and Mr. Spock - you never knew his first name because he said you couldn't pronounce it - and then, Dr. Leonard McCoy. Those were the three main characters in "Star Trek." And if you ever watched "Star Trek," you found out there was always some kind of problem. Every episode was a problem, righ ...

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