by Jeff Schreve

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The Point of No Return (2 of 4)
Series: Face Off: Fighting for the Faith
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jude 1:5-10

Now, did you know that God has signs that He puts up in life, signs that say, "Do not go past this point. For if you do, you will pass and cross over into a deadline."

Dr. Jay Addison Alexander wrote this poem many, many years ago. He entitled it, "The Hidden Line." It says this:

There is a time, we know not when;

a point, we know not where,

that marks the destiny of men to glory or despair.

There is a line, by us unseen,

which crosses every path.

It is the hidden boundary between

God's mercy and God's wrath.

I want to speak to you today about "The Point of No Return." We're in a series on the book of Jude, 25 verses, power-packed verses. Jude was written, as we discussed last week, it was written as a call to arms. Jude wanted to talk to the people. Jude, the half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ, he wanted to write a letter that extolled the virtues of salvation and the wonders of salvation. He wanted to pick up the harp and play a nice tune for the people, so to speak, and write a, a letter that was just an encouragement. And God changed his heart, and God wouldn't let him write that. And God said, "Don't pick up the harp. You pick up the trumpet and you sound the alarm and let people know that certain persons have crept in unnoticed into the church, ungodly persons, who turn the grace of God into licentiousness (unbridled lust) and deny our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ." And He said, "Jude, you tell the church to stand up, to face off, to fight for the faith which was once for all delivered and handed down to the saints."

This book has a military tone to it, because when the Scripture says, "…contend earnestly. I appeal to you to contend earnestly for the faith," that word appeal is a term that was used when a General would talk to his Privates and say, "Hey, this is what you need to do." And so, God is speaking to us ...

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