by Jeff Strite

SuperBowl Evangelism
Jeff Strite
Acts 9:1-22

OPEN: VIDEO: Linebacker Evangelism (offered on-line by

APPLY: I fell in love with that video the first time I saw it because it makes fun of the idea of forced evangelism (something I HAVE to do!) while at the same time highlighting why we often don't talk to others about our Jesus.

Why don't we talk to others more about our faith in Christ?

Mostly it comes down to our having the wrong attitudes
• Fear of rejection
• Selfishness - the desire to keep my faith to myself
• And the Prideful belief that other people aren't good enough for Jesus

But all those wrong attitudes boil down to some very basic questions:
• How badly do I want to share my faith?
• How badly do I want people to love my Jesus?
• How much do I love my Jesus?

As the linebacker in the video says:
"The World needs our message: For God so loved the world - He wants to communicate it through you"

So, the question comes down the attitude of "want to".

If you want to do something badly enough… you'll find a way to do it.

ILLUS: A couple of year ago, there was a story in the news about the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles who were going to Super Bowl 39 (XXXIX)… their first Super Bowl in 24 years.

Kevin O'Donoghue was 11 years-old when the Eagles made it to their last Superbowl appearance and he promised himself that he would be there if the team ever went again.

He told his wife, "I don't care if we have to mortgage our house, I'm going."

She agreed and O'Donoghue paid $4,000 for a package that included:
• a round trip airfare,
• four nights in a hotel,
• and ONE ticket to the game.

The trip was financed through a home equity loan which they obtained by putting up their house as collateral on the loan.
Mortgage banks in the area said that many Eagles fans asked about refinancing mortgages or taking out home equity loans (with payments of $100 extra a month) to pay for a trip that O'D ...

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