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The Grace of God is Jesus (1 of 4)
Series: The Grace of God
Lenny Ports

Today begins a 4-part series on the Grace of God. On Thanksgiving, millions and millions of families throughout the United States of America joined hands in prayer and saying "grace" before their meal. I think it is OK that this is the term most people use when we ask God to bless our food, but what the world needs to be taught and shown is the GRACE OF GOD as revealed to us in the Scriptures.

Grace has several meanings in Scripture and over the next 4 weeks we will be digging into the Word of God to find them. As I study the Word, I see several categories of GRACE.
• Grace for Salvation (not works)
• Grace for Strength
• Grace for Service
• Grace for Stewardship
• Grace for Access
Grace for Salvation

There is no other religion on the face of the earth where God came to them to save them and rescue them from the situation they were in. No not one. Most require works in order to be in right standing with God.

Muslims believe salvation comes to those who obey Allah sufficiently that good deeds outweigh the bad. Muslims hope that repeating what Muhammad did and said will be enough to get to heaven, but they also recite extra prayers, fast, go on pilgrimages, and perform good works in hope of tipping the scales. Martyrdom in service to Allah is the only work guaranteed to send a worshiper to paradise.

Buddhism also believes that heaven, or "Nirvana," is to be rejoined in spirit with god. Reaching Nirvana, a transcendental, blissful, spiritual state, requires following the Eightfold Path. This includes understanding the universe, and acting, speaking, and living in the right manner and with the right intentions. Mastering these and the other eight paths will return a worshipper's spirit to god.

Hinduism is similar to Buddhism. Salvation (or Moksha) is reached when the worshiper is freed from the cycle of reincarnation, and his spirit becomes one with god. One becomes f ...

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