by Jeff Schreve

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Series: Missing in Action: God's Church in the Real World
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Luke 9:28-36

What do you think of when you think the word church? What do you think the average person thinks of when they think the word church? I've been giving this a lot of consideration for many years. When the word church comes in, I believe, into the mind of a person, average guy on the street, some things come, pop up. I think the word boring pops up in a lot of people's minds. They think of the word church, church-boring. Church where minutes seem like hours. That's what church is. It's just a boring place.

I heard about a Sunday school teacher, and she was talking to her first grade class. And they were, getting ready to go into church. And she said, "Now remember, boys and girls, we're going into church and we need to be quiet. And why do we need to be quiet?" One little girl said, "I know - because people are sleeping!" . It's so boring. And so, if you invite somebody to church, they think, Church - boring! But you know another word that comes into people's minds when they think church? Irrelevant, so irrelevant. I mean, you're talking about things that happened thousands and thousands of years ago, and how does that have anything to do with my life today? Church is just irrelevant. Another word that comes in, concept of guilt. Church is just a guilt trip. I mean, you go to church and church is just a place where they make you feel bad. They tell you all the things you're doing wrong. And you come to church, and you're feeling pretty good. And after you get through with church, you kind of slither out and just think, Man, I'm just really a scumbag. I just really stink. And you feel so much worse than when you came. It's just a big old guilt trip. Some people think just, Well, church, I mean, it's necessary. It's a necessary thing. It's an obligation. You know, I come to church 'cause it's necessary. Do I like it? Well, of course not! Does anyone ...

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