by Jeff Schreve

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Warriors (3 of 5)
Series: Missing in Action: God's Church in the Real World
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 6:10-18

A preacher was preaching one Sunday morning at his church. And there was a man there at his church, he used to always fall asleep in the pastor's messages. And the pastor didn't like that very much. It it really bugged him. And one Sunday, he's preaching away, and he's thinking, This is a pretty good sermon, and the guy went to sleep yet again. And so the pastor thought, I'm going to fix his wagon. And so the pastor, in the middle of his sermon, he kind of changed gears, and he said in a loud voice - he was talking about hell - and he said in a loud voice, he said, "Anyone in here who wants to go to hell, let him stand to his feet" . Well, nobody stood. And he said it again very loudly. The man is still asleep. "Anyone in here who wants to go to hell, let him stand to his feet." Well, the man woke up at the second half of that praise, "…let him stand to his feet." So bleary-eyed and oblivious, he stood to his feet. He was the only one standing. Whole church just looking at him. And kind of obvious and kind of embarrassed, he looked up at the pastor. He said, "Well, pastor, I don't know what we're voting on, but it looks like you and I are the only ones for it!" .

Do you know that the church today is a lot like that guy? We can be so oblivious and so asleep to one of the most important truths in all of the Bible. And we can come to church Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, and even be true born-again believers,and miss this important fact: The moment you get saved you're placed in a battle. The moment that you get saved you're put in the battle. There is a battle raging between God and the devil. And you and I are in that battle. Paul told Timothy, "Timothy, you fight the good fight of faith." You're in a fight. The first, one of the first things that Jesus said about the church in Matthew chapter 16, He said, "Upon this rock (speaking of Himself ...

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