by Jeff Schreve

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The Silence of the Lambs (5 of 5)
Series: Missing in Action: God's Church in the Real World
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 100

Now how many people have ever heard the phrase, "Silence is golden?" Anybody ever heard that? Did you know that phrase, "Silence is golden," they've made songs out of that? It became popular in the 1800s. The first phrase that was really coined like that said this: "Speech is silver; silence is golden." And we've just kind of shortened it. We don't know about the speech and silver part. We just know that silence is golden. We know that phrase. It's a good phrase and it's so appropriate in certain instances. I mean, you're at the library. Silence is golden. You're trying to study and read at the library. You're in class. You're taking a final exam. Silence is golden so that you can concentrate. You go to a golf tournament and you see them on the putting green. On the 18th green, Tiger Woods putting for the championship, they have a sign out that says, "Shhh. Be quite please. Tiger's putting." Silence is golden. Wouldn't that be nice if you're shooting free throws at the basketball game for the championship? "Hey, everybody be quiet." They don't do that. They scream at you. Silence is golden when you're putting in golf.

Now, when it comes to worshipping the King of kings and Lord of lords, when God's church gets together, silence is not golden. Worship, in the Bible, is loud. It's exciting. It's what the Lord wants it to be. See, we don't gather to come to a funeral; we're coming to a feast. We're not going to a wake; we're going to a wonderful celebration. Jesus Christ died, but He rose on the third day, and He is alive forevermore, and He is coming back again! We have something to shout about.

Now we're in our series, "Missing in Action: God's Church in the Real World." And today, we want to talk about this thing called worship, because, I think, so often we miss what worship really is about. We think that worship is quiet and you're ...

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