by Jeff Schreve

A Matter of Death and Life
Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 2

Today is a great, great celebration day. You know, when we gather to celebrate Easter: Easter is the most important day in the history of mankind. It's the day that Jesus Christ broke the power of sin and death and hell when He rose from the dead bodily, physically rose again from the dead. He gave meaning to Friday. We had a great Good Friday service just two days ago. And somebody asked me afterward, they said, ''You know, why do we call that Good Friday? I didn't seem like it was very good.'' It wouldn't be called Good Friday if it hadn't been for Easter Sunday, because resurrection Sunday made Friday good. Because if all that had happened on Friday was Jesus died and was buried and stayed in the tomb, then there's nothing good about it. But because He rose, it makes Friday, Good Friday, great Friday, awesome Friday. Because you put those two things together, the crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection of Christ on Sunday morning, and that makes for the weekend that changes the world and changes all eternity. And you know what? People from all over in our world are going to gather today to celebrate the resurrection. I mean, people go to church at Easter. They may not go any other time, but they go at Easter. And there are going to be people in cities all over the world that will come at Easter. And some people don't know really why they're there. They just know they're supposed to be there.

I remember years ago in the church I was serving in Houston, it was Easter Sunday morning. There was a guy there, and I knew he was Jewish. And I remember saying to him as we were there before the service, I said, ''Man, it is great that you are here.'' And I said, ''What do you think about all this stuff because I know you're Jewish.'' I said, ''What do you think about all this stuff with Easter?'' And he said, ''Well, I don't know about Jesus rising again from the dead. I don't really know about that.'' I said, ...

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