by Jeff Schreve

The Earthquake of Easter
Jeff Schreve
Matthew 28:1-10

Our Savior lives. If you have your Bible, turn to Matthew chapter 28. I want to speak to you this morning in a message I've entitled, ''The Earthquake of Easter.''

Now how many in this room are married, can I see your hand? You're married. All right. How many in here would say that marriage is an adjustment, can I see your hand? Marriage is an adjustment.

Now Debbie and I have been married 25 years. And when we got married, one of the adjustments I wasn't quite prepared for had to do with sleeping. Now I just assumed that when it was nighttime and you're ready to go to bed, that you'd turn out the lights and you go to sleep. Not so with Debbie. She was an only child, and she grew up in a home where her dad snored like a freight train. And I don't care where you were in the house, you would hear him snoring. And so from the time she was young she purchased one of these things. It's called a ''Sleep Mate.'' It makes this ghastly sound. So we're married. We go to sleep. She says, ''Wait, I've got to turn on my Sleep Mate.'' I was like, ''My soul. I've got to turn that off. I mean, I want to go to sleep. Let's go to sleep now, so let's get it quiet.'' She says, ''No, I've got to have this on to sleep.'' I said, ''Well, I have to have that off to sleep.'' So we compromised and we ran the Sleep Mate. That was our compromise. So I kind of wanted to be there with her.

And she said, ''You'll get used to it.'' Well, for the first couple of nights, I mean, that noise. Hear it again. Play it again. It's like somebody's got the vacuum cleaner on. Turn off the vacuum cleaner. I want to go to sleep. It's just reverberating through my head. That's all I could hear. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and be like, ''Oh great, I've got this noise again.'' And if I thought I could turn it off because it's in the middle of the night she wouldn't know, she woke right up. ''What's up? You turned off the Sleep Mate. ...

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