by Jeff Schreve

The Power of the Cross
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 27:45-51

Space has been called "The Final Frontier." At least, that's what Captain Kirk called it. It seemed, some years ago, to be outlandish and impossible for man ever to make it into space, for man ever to walk on the moon, but we know that it is possible because we have done it. And we have put people into space many, many times.

Now it's an amazing thing when you think about it, that man would have the capability, the brain power, the creativity, the ingenuity, the engineering, and the wisdom to be able to create a craft, a space craft that can go from earth into outer space and have people make it to the moon and walk on the moon. Wow! Create a Space Station in outer space. And you think about the Space Shuttle and what it took to build that thing. You know, we've had several series of the Space Shuttle: The Space Shuttle Columbia, the Space Shuttle Discovery, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and Atlantis. You know, each one of those space shuttles cost about 1.7 billion dollars to make it. It takes a long time to make it. It's an incredible thing. And when that space shuttle, the last one that went off, I think, was in February of 2011, Space Shuttle Discovery. When it was getting ready to take off, as it sits there on the landing pad, it weighs 4.5 million pounds. So you have this thing that weighs 4.5 million pounds, and you're going to get it up off the ground, into the air. It gets into space in eight minutes. Tremendous power! Watch the screens.

Wow! In eight minutes it gets into space. You know, that Space Shuttle, it travels about 17,000 miles an hour when it orbits. To go around the earth, it's 24,906 miles, the circumference of the earth, and it makes that trip sixteen times a day! That thing is moving. We would all have to say that's got a lot of power. But as powerful as the Space Shuttle is, as powerful as a launch is: man's perhaps, crowning achievement in power, it pales in comparison t ...

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