by Steve Jones

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The Road To Christmas - Virgin Birth (1 of 5)
Series: Christmas In Prophecy
Steve Jones
Matthew 1

INTRODUCTION: The story is told of Nicholas, a Russian man, who saves his rubles for twenty years to buy a new car. After choosing the model and options he wants, he's told that it will take two years for the new car to be delivered. He accepts the bad news - but he's used to life in Russia. As he reaches the door he pauses and turns back to the salesman. "Do you know which week two years from now the new car will arrive?" The salesman checks his notes and tells the man that it will be two years to the exact week. Nicholas writes down the date and turns for the door, but then hesitates, "Could you possibly tell me what day of the week two years from now the car will arrive?" The salesman, mildly annoyed, checks his notes again and says that it will be exactly two years from this week, on Thursday. Nicholas once again starts to leave. Halfway though the door, he stops, turns back, and walks up to the salesman. "I'm sorry to be so much trouble, but do you know if that will be two years from now on Thursday in the morning, or in the afternoon?" Visibly irritated, the salesman flips through his papers yet another time and says sharply that it will be in the afternoon, two years from now on Thursday. "That's a relief!" said Nicholas, "The plumber is coming that morning!"

Sometimes it's hard to predict. In fact, ALL the time it's hard to predict. Predictions are hard, that's what makes fulfilled prophecy so impressive AND important for forensic purposes. In my next four sermons I want to talk about four Old Testament prophecies surrounding the birth of Jesus. We'll look at their fulfillment and their implications. Today we'll start with the prophecy of the virgin birth.

CNN Talk show host Larry King was once asked whom he would most want to interview if he could choose anyone from all of history. He said, "Jesus Christ." The questioner said "And what wo ...

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