by Miles McPherson

The Invisible Man Quiz
Miles McPherson

Why don't you say hello to someone next to you. Ask them why they're here, what their name is, where they live. I was over there, I was over there doing their job. I love that pal…… Did you like that? Huh? What's up you all up there?

Do we have any visitors from out of town? Yes where you from? Texas. Where? Beaumont, Beaumont. Where? Oh Sun City, gotcha. Yes? Riverside, pray for you. I'm only kidding. Yes? Washington? State. Louisiana welcome. Tee-neck New Jersey, oh my goodness, taking me back. Are you here on vacation? Yeah very good. You like it out here? Yes. I'm from Long Island, strong Island. Do you know Long Island? Tee-neck. Who's here from San Diego in your group there? Oh ok. We'll get to her in a minute. I'm just asking the Tee-neck people for a second. You all are from here? Wooah it's like Price is Right! Where you all, where you all live in San Diego? San Marcos, Rancho Bernardo very good, very good. And this is your family? Wow, very good, very good. Is this your first time in San Diego? It's nice huh? Yeah. Who is she to you? And she is related to you how? Not anymore. You're welcome, you're welcome. Are you from West Virginia? Is this your first time? Oh you live here now. Like a year ago? Since last July, it's almost a year. That's been 12 months. What's your name man in the blue shirt? Yes hi Steven, hi. It's his birthday, how old are you? You're 20 today? Wow. Anybody else's birthday today? Whose birthday is today? Up there your birthday is today? You what? What? Say that. You called your mom from your sad birthday and no one answers. Is that what you said? Is today her birthday? I like you though. I like you. Yes? Happy birthday brother. You're welcome! Costa Rica and you are visiting from family? You live in Costa Rica now? And how many languages do you speak? English and Spanish. Ok very good. I wish I spoke Spanish. ...

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