by Miles McPherson

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The Plan (1 of 6)
Series: Do Something
Miles McPherson

How everybody doing this when this, when they were playing this. I, I, I told, I told my kids that I'm gonna start this new dance craze. It's called the Business Man. I guess there in, so if you go to the club, when you go to the club just start it. You'll just see people start picking it up I promise you. It will be nation wide in a month. They'll be on American Idol doing the Business Man, Business Man. I was practicing all day. I just……. (laughter). Oh who wants to try the Business Man with me? Anybody?

Let's see. Let's see your bibles, say word. Very good. Let's see your pens. This is, lesson, lesson plan, lesson plan. I know I'm probably the only one laughing at this but that's ok. I'm, I'm having a lot of fun right now.

Let's turn to John 14, John 14. I'm sorry. Oh gosh.

Lord thank you so much for your word. Thank you so much for a laughter. Thank you so much for joy and I just continue to pray for those who are having a hard day. I pray that they will be able to laugh tonight and, and experience freedom from the stress and I pray that you would challenge us, especially these next 6 weeks to do something. I pray that you would encourage us to look at our life differently and that you would give us a new vision for who we are, what we can be, what we can do. Thank you that you um believe in us. You have trusted us with a lot and I pray that we would be good stewards of what you have entrusted us with, all the opportunities to help people. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Um the summer before my 2nd year with the Chargers I wanted to drive home. I had bought a 280ZX. How many of you all never seen a 280ZX before by the way? 280ZX car? Anybody not seen that car? Ok raise your hand real high. Ok you've never seen that car? Go Google it. They were cool! There was 2, there was 240, 260, 280. Do you all know the 300? Ok it was, the 300 they changed the style. It was mo ...

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