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Miles McPherson

Now here's, here's the, here's a hold just behind the businessman. You may never, ever hear about it again after tonight cuz I, it just kind of make me sick to watch it. (laughter) Nothing. Let's see your bibles. One more time. Let's try that one more time. See your pens, lesson plan.

Let's turn to Matthew 4, Matthew 4.

I'm sorry. No this is the only service we did it. This is the only service that is enough to do it. It's kind of, you just kind of try stuff with the, with the crazy people. Then you kind of bring it to the general population. I'm sorry? Did you all master it? Yeah the 2nd time. You all look really bad. That was, that was really good. Yeah. You been practicing? Ok yeah-yeah especially the brother, that, you look really ugly. That, that's the point though, that's the point. You got to look you know, this is for all the people who can't dance.

I, just, a just a real quick. Do you all remember the robot? How many of you all do not, I know all you, the robot came out before you all were born but when the robot was out Michael Jackson had a song um, it was called…. What was the song that was the robot was? Ah Dance Machine. And so the song, he would dance, he would sing and da-da-da and then during the song for about 15 seconds it went dih-dih-dih-dah-da-da-da-da-da-da-dant, and that's when you did the robot. You didn't do the robot the whole song and you really didn't do the robot probably any other time other than that little thing. So they, this, they kind of listen and you just dance then they'll call this is Business Man and everyone in the club just starts acting all goofy. That's, cuz everybody, there's a lot of people who can't dance, this is for the person who can't dance. So make them feel comfortable. Let's, for everybody just for whatever. I have a lot of time at night to think about stuff and I just kind of think about it.

Let's pray. ...

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