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by Miles McPherson

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Quiz (3 of 6)
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Miles McPherson

… a boy from down under. Actually he's from Arizona. He lives in Arizona he's not from down under but his name is Austin. When Austin was 9 years old he saw a video of, of a young girl whose parents died of Aids and it kind of broke his heart. He's wondering - What can I do to help these kids whose parents are dying of Aids. So he started a ministry called Hoops of Hope and he had a Hoops of Hope shoot-a-thon where he shot free throws and raised money and he shot 2,057 free throws that first event. He has since raised 2 million dollars and his Hoops of Hope events. He's 15 years old now. Amen! Amen! He's had over 40,000 kids around the world do their own Hoops of Hope event to raise money for, help him raise money. He's built a high school for 600 kids. He's built 2 medical clinics, 4 dormitories for a school in Zambia, a water system. He partnered with a school in Pennsylvania to build a school in India. We definitely got to partner with this brother to do something. He's done NBC, ABC, ADD, CBS, ESPN. He's spoken to over 400,000 people in the last 2 years and over 70 million in all these shows he's been on and the brother's going around the world. He's actually here in San Diego because he's a keynote speaker at thee International Children's Pastor's conference ah and he just stopped. He wanted to say hi. We want to encourage this brother and be part of his ministry. So let's give a big hand to Austin Goodwall.

Do the wave, do the wave, do the wave. Lady over there.

Thank you.

What's up man? Say hi.

How you guys doing?

15, how many, anybody in here 15? You're 15, really? When's your birthday? Just turned 15, just turned 15. Ok great. Tell, tell us how you got involved in this ah, in your ministry.

Well as you said when I was 9 years old I saw a video talking about a girl who lost her parents due to Aids and at the time I was 9. I didn't know what Aids was. I ...

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