PAIN (4 OF 6)

by Miles McPherson

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Pain (4 of 6)
Series: Do Something
Miles McPherson

Close your eyes. Stop looking at me. Close your eyes.

Lord thank you so much for all these people who are here because they didn't have a Valentine's date tonight. I didn't either. I've been at church all day. I didn't have a Valentine's, nothing so we are/but it's not the end of the world. We love them and we ah pray you bless us. And Lord I pray for all the people who are suffering. They're carrying a burden of some kind. I pray you would encourage them today and I pray they would leave here encouraged and blessed and that they would view their pain completely different than they do right this moment. In Jesus' name, Amen!

There is a 9 year old kid in this church named Elijah. He's Ricky Paige's son. Do you all know Elijah? Ok. And when he was 7 he was at school, actually this story's in chapter 18 of the book. He was at school and they had, some kid was starting a cool club. He's a cool kid so he went up to join the cool club and they told him he couldn't. So he got rejected. So he went home was a little discouraged cuz he couldn't join the cool club. He came to school the next day and said - I'm gonna start my own club. He started a bible club. Excuse me. And I'm gonna have everybody from the school invited. Anybody can come. It's not gonna be just for a select group. So he started a bible club and this is his 3rd year in the bible club. He'll have 20-30-40 kids sitting out at on the lunch, in the school yard at lunch time. He'll sit on the table, have a little bull horn, have his little crafts, do a little bible study. He'll like get kids saved and when they stand up he'll go - God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you. And then they, he'll line them up and then he'll pray for them. He'll grab them by the hands and he'll say - You know what do you want me to pray for? And they'll say - My grandmother's dying. My mom's got cancer. My father l ...

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