POWER (5 OF 6)

by Miles McPherson

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Power (5 of 6)
Series: Do Something
Miles McPherson

I want you to imagine you're 7 years old and your mother gets cancer, the kind that can definitely kill her or you're 10 years old, or how about it's your wife of 21 years. This is exactly what happened to the Johnson family. Peter and his 2 daughters Delaney and Audrey. They had nowhere to go. They knew medicine was limited but then God did what only God can do. I'm Miles McPherson pastor of the Rock Church and this is their story.

Husband: Well when I first met Cindy it was the classic case of love at first site. She was very beautiful, articulate and funny. I preceded her vigorously and there was a little bit of an age difference. I made sure that I was a gentlemen and courted her according to the Christian values. We ended up courting for 2 ½ years and got married October 8th, 1988. We got to go on a lot of trips and spent a lot of time together and went dancing all the time and um through it all Cindy's sense of humor was really what made everything click.

We're now in week 5 of a 6 week series called Do Something based on my new book Do Something and we've been studying the fact that God has given us a very clear plan to do something great with our life and the plan consists of the 5 Ps, 5 words that start with the letter P. The first word is preparation that God has prepared us with everything we need to do something great with our life. The second P is purpose. Everything we do has a very simple purpose and that purpose is to obey God and so what He says.

Husband: We didn't have children for 10 years so that gave us a lot of time to spend together. I came home from work and she had a gift on the table for me for dinner. So as I unwrapped the gift it was a pregnancy test, a positive pregnancy test and ah that was one of the most joyous moments of my life. It is really had fun through her pregnancy and when Delaney was born um it was one of the highlights of my life ...

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