by Miles McPherson

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Passion (6 of 6)
Series: Do Something
Miles McPherson

Tucson? Tucson. Where in Arizona? Gilbert, you know where Gilbert, Arizona is? Far away from Tucson? A little town. Ok, Minnesota, Minnesota. See you can't say Minnesota, you got to say Minnesowta. There's a w in Minnesota. Yes. Anybody else? Yes? Germany. How do you say hello in German? Did she say hello? Ok, hello. Anybody else? Yes? Oh Brazil, caio, owey-owey is it owey? Owey-owey-owey. Caio is bye? Owey, caio. Yes? Brazil? Owey. He's from Brazil too? Are you from Brazil? Yeah you're from Brazil. You're from Brazil? Buhza-bouzah-bel. Yes? Minnesowta. Yes? Oregon. Are you visiting? Very good, very good. Nobody else? Yes? New Mexico, welcome, welcome. Who? Yes? San Antonio, I'm going to Dallas this week, by your peoples. Yes? North Carolina and where? North Carolina and San Diego. Is that what you said? Where is it, where are you from in North Carolina? Wilmington, welcome from Wilmington, North Carolina. Anybody else? That's it? Hey thank you very much. Ohio, thank you very much. I'm not seeing stuff. Yes, yes? Michigan. Yes back there? Paradise? Ya all heard that over there huh? Did you say Paradise? Paradise what? Oh California. Oh Irvine. Ok. Raise, by Chico is it Irvine or Paradise? Paradise, he said Paradise. He did say Paradise. Ok. Right next to Paradise. Were you from hell? Where you from? Huh? New York, oh yeah that's close. Where-where-where in New York are you from? Manhattan, see! You tell this girl. Are you Puerto Rican? Nah-nah. I'm just from New York. Where, are you from Manhattan, where in Manhattan? Uptown, uptown. How far uptown? She's from uptown. Huh? The heights. Oh way past, ok almost Connecticut. Ok. Anybody else? One more, who-who-where-where? Yes? Yes? Man he don't want, he don't want to tell us where he's from. Make him come up here? That's kind of extreme! I'm sorry? Oh he's f ...

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