by Miles McPherson

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Will I Am Part 1 (1 of 2)
Sermon Series: Will I Am
Miles McPherson

Let's try that one more time. Say word, ooh. Let's see your pens, lesson plan. Let's turn to Matthew 7, Matthew 7, Matthew 7. Let me pray for you all. You can keep looking if you haven't found it.

Lord thank you for your faithfulness and your goodness and thank you so much that um you give us the purpose of serving and we pray we can be a big, big blessing to our city. In Jesus' name, Amen!

I went to a fashion show Friday night. I was doing my thang, actually I went to watch a fashion show. My daughter was in the fashion show and when I was there this guy came up to me and he said you know - I want to, can I set up a meeting to talk to you? And I said - Well what do you want to talk about? And he says - Well I just have a question. I said - Well ask me now. And so he asked me and he says - You know I feel like I'm trying to hear God. I have some things I want to get some direction on and I can't hear God. I want to know how I can hear Him.

How many of you would really like to know God's will not only for your life but for certain specific questions you have today? Raise your hand. Very good, very good, ok. It is critically important for us to know how to discover God's will in our life not only for the long time like - Does He want me to be a doctor or does He want me to work at Starbuck's? I mean it, those are two extremes but you know you're, you're trying to ask God for your long term but on, on a every day basis - Should I go out with this person? Should I take this job? Should I invest in this investment? Should I you know what should I do? And you want to have a system or ways that you can qualify and discover God's will for your life because the #1 commandment is to love God. The definition of loving God is obeying God which basically means doing what He wants. It's all the same thing doing God's will.

You can't say you're ...

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