by Miles McPherson

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Twists and Turns (2 of 17)
Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson

Video: Narrator: An orphan with a destiny he did not understand, a wise teacher who would guide him through 7 life changing books, books that would equip the boy to live and to rule in the kingdom he was designed for. Royals book 5 Twists and Turns. The Royal has matured into a young man. He is now ready for the stories of his father's kingdom, stories designed to twist his mind and turn his heart. Through these profound stories. His heart will be exposed and obedience will be required.

Boy: Why are theses stories so important? What value do they have?

Narrator: These stories will reveal the true condition of your heart and take you into deeper levels of obedience and action.

Join us as pastor Miles McPherson continues his new teaching series on how to understand God's word through biblical genres. Be part of the kingdom journey. Come discover who and whose you were meant to be.

Miles: That will help. How you all doing today? How many of you all having a bad week? Anybody having a bad week? Great we're glad you're here. I'm having a bad week too so ah let's have a good week together. Let's start another week together. Amen? Amen. Let's pray. Matter of fact let's pray, everybody having a bad week raise your hand. No a whole bunch of people now raising their hand. Ok raise your hand, raise your hand. Everybody sitting around them just put your hand on their shoulders. Raise your hand if you're having a bad week. And if you're sitting near them just put your hand on their shoulders and we're gonna pray for them. Ok? Someone come touch my hand. Wah!

Lord we pray for all those people having a bad day. We pray you encourage them today. And we pray not only will today be good and liberating and hopeful for them but that it would be the beginning of a great week. In Jesus' name, Amen, Amen! Very good, very good. Amen!

Ah, um anyway let's see your ...

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