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Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson

Romans 10, Romans 10, Romans 10.

I was at ah Oggi's yesterday and there was a young girl named Amber I invited to church. Is she here? Did she come? Uh-hum ok wants to bring her mom ok. So you know Amber that works at Oggi's you tell her I'm looking for her.

Lord thank you so much for your word and we pray for Amber wherever she is we pray you have her think about you right now. But we just thank you for all the moms being here today and we pray you bless em. We pray that you encourage them and Lord I know moms carry a heavy-heavy burden every day wanting to be everything for everybody all the time. I pray they would cast that burden on you and allow you to guide and direct them on what burdens to carry. And I pray that we would honor moms/wives today and encourage them and be a blessing to them and I pray they let us. I pray they don't try to do everything today, that they let us take care of them today. And Lord I pray you bless us, bless your word. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Um a couple years ago I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the bible. He does not believe in the bible. He 's not a Christian and we, and he's a very passionate person. I'm passionate and we get into discussions, our voices get louder and louder and we start talking faster and faster. When you, when you talk loud and fast it looks like you're arguing but you're really not necessarily. So we got into this, we were out in the field and we got into this big heated discussion about the bible and he started talking about the bible - You can't trust the bible. It was written by man. It was written by all this stuff. And I said - You don't know what you're talking about.

Ah we are in week 2 of a series called The Royal. Everyone say royal and the royal is a story about a young boy. He was born into a royal family. His parents die and thi ...

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