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Law Enforcement Part 1 (4 of 17)
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Miles McPherson

…. You guys got that?

Lord thank you so much for your word. Thank you so much for being good to us and we pray you bless us. In Jesus' name, Amen!

I would assume that all of you know that today the NFL season started. Amen? Now I would assume that some of you don't really care. Get a life! I said in the earlier service, I made a statement that you know I was only joking and usually people know when you're joking but this one lady thought I was serious and she was like grabbing her heart like she was gonna have a heart attack. Here's what I said and I don't really mean this but just take it for what it's worth that if you really don't, that if you really don't like football you can't be a Christian. Of course that's not true but this lady was like - Oh how could yo say that? So when you watch football games um that thee and by the way the Chargers play tomorrow night if you wondering what goes. There's actually two football games on tomorrow night right? That's 6 hours! My wife said to me cuz Monday's my day off, she says - What are you doing tomorrow? I says - I'm watching 6 hours of football. That's what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm gonna sit around all day and I'm gonna wait for whatever time the first game comes on.

But um when you watch a football game ah there are referees and the referees when someone does something wrong they throw a flag. The game stops, they penalize someone. In every sport you have a referees. Ah if you go to the mall or a sporting event or a concert there is security or depending where you're from secure-ty and security will have you know they have like blue shirts on with a little patch, a little you know rent-a-cop thing and, and they're everywhere right? And, and if you do something wrong they'll tell you that you do something wrong and if you need directions they'll correct you but they're there to kind of keep the peace and, and enforc ...

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