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Miles McPherson

Let's see your pens, lesson plan. Let's turn to Exodus, Exodus 19 the 2ns book of the bible. I want to welcome everybody online, or on TV, wherever you're watching from. God bless you. Exodus 19, the 2nd book of the bible, 19th chapter, 19th chapter. Exodus 19. Let me pray for you while you turn there.

Lord thank you so much for everybody turning to their bibles. Thank you so much for being good to us and faithful to us and we pray you bless us today. We pray you bless this service. Challenge us. Teach us. Stretch our thinking. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Ah yesterday I did a wedding for a young man that I've known since he was probably about I don't know 13-12-11. Last week I did a wedding for a young lady who I knew her mom when her mother was pregnant with her. So I've known her all her life. Same age as my daughter and it's a trip how these kids are getting old. I'm still the same age that I've been for 20 years. Go ahead and laugh, go ahead and laugh. I know it's alright but I'm 27 years old. Um so I did this, and in the wedding yesterday the guy who was getting married he was just like excited. I was like - You ok? He was like - Man I'm read to get, I'm ready to do it. Let's go, let's go. Last week the guy was like and both are right. There's no wrong or right but last week the dude was crying. I mean he was like, it was so sweet. We were walking in and he was (deep breaths) and he was just crying standing up there and she's walking down and she's crying, everyone's crying, I'm crying. I'm like - Oh my God! This week it was all like, just like you know let's get it on. He's waving to people out in the audience see I'm ready, I'm ready. Let's go, let's go. Where's my woman? You know all this stuff. It was good, it was good.

So we're up there and she comes down. She got the white dress on and looks beautiful and all that kind of stuff and they're standi ...

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