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Loyalty Book Part 2 (8 of 17)
Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson

Video: The Journey to a true identity and often with a destiny he did not understand. A wise teacher who would guide him through 7 life changing books, books that would equip the boy to live and to rule in the kingdom he was designed for.

Book 2 Loyalty, relationship guidelines of the kingdom. All members of his father's kingdom were called to be loyal first to their king then to each other. These relationship guidelines would set them apart and identify them throughout all the land as their father's chosen people.

Young boy: Teacher what purpose do these ancient rules have and why must I learn them today?

Teacher: The principles behind the rules will guide you in your pursuit of integrity.

Join us as pastor Miles McPherson continues his new teaching series on how to understand God's word through biblical genres. Be part of the kingdom journey. Come, discover and who and whose you were meant to be.

Miles: Let's give the Lord a hand. Say Jesus! Let's see your bibles. Let's see your bibles, say word, woo! Let's see your pens. Get your pen out. Lesson plan, lesson plan.

Let's turn to Exodus 20, the 2nd book of the bible. Exodus 20.

I want to welcome everybody watching wherever you are, whether it's on TV or if you are in Donovan State Prison we want to welcome you as well and all the people incarcerated.

Exodus 20, 2nd book of the bible. Chapter 20.

When I was a kid I went to Catholic School, Our Lady of Lords Catholic School in Long Island, Malvern, Ney York. 1st grade to 8th grade, wore a green suit, plaid tie, penny loafers no pennies. We had, my brothers and sisters we were all the 5 of us within 6 year. We, well my mother had 5 kids within 6 years. So we were all in the school together. She would take us, take us and bring us back. School was run by nuns and priests, very strict, very structured. Taught me the fear of God. ...

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