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Good Ground (13 of 17)
Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson

…a big hand this morning. Say Jesus! Put your hands up like this for just one second please and give someone next to you a high five. Ask them their name and tell em what's happening. Good morning, good morning, hello, hello, hello. Let's see your bibles this morning, say word. Very good. Let's see your pens, pens. One more time say pens, lesson plan.

Let's turn to Matthew 13, Matthew 13.

Want to welcome everybody watching wherever you are, multi site North County, on television wherever you are, online. Welcome.

Matthew 13, Matthew 13 the first book of the bible, 13th chapter, Matthew 13.

As you turn there I'm gonna pray for you.

Lord I pray you bless us today and I pray that we would be a blessing to you and that as we read your word and think about your words, study your word that you would change our heart. I pray this in Jesus' name, Amen!

I moved into a house 12-13 years ago. We had to put in landscape and we bought these date palms maybe 6 or 7 of them. They were all the same size, maybe a couple feet high, a foot high. We planted them in the front of the house, back of the house, side of the house and as the years have gone by we watched them grow at different rates. You know some would just, a couple years later they were still about the same size and others were twice as tall and now there's one that's probably 7-8' high, 7-8' wide and there's some 4' high, 4' wide and they were the same size when I planted them on the same day on the same property. But what was different was the dirt that I planted them in.

When God's word gets planted in your heart what determines whether it's, whether it grows or not is the condition of your heart. Is your heart good soil?

Now as we continue our series on The Royal we're talking about parables and parables were stories that Jesus told, everyday stories that Jesus told and He used these stories to communi ...

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