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Warriors Part 1 (14 of 17)
Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson

Hey let's turn to Mark 9, Mark 9.

We want to welcome everybody at North County or online, wherever you're watching at. God bless you. Happy Father's Day to you as well.

Mark 9. We are continuing our series called The Royal and if you can turn to Mark 9 and say the Royal at the same time, say royal and it's a story about a young boy who was orphaned and he was being discipled by an older man so he can take over his father's kingdom that his father left behind and he is discipling the boy in 7 different books. The first book is called Warriors and it's about ancient warriors in his father's kingdom.

What we are going to do is study 7 biblical genres or literary styles. The first one being biblical warriors or what we call narrative, biblical narrative. And biblical narrative is stories about real people, in real times, real places. And today's biblical narrative is gonna be out of Mark 9. So let me say a word of prayer and then we'll get into that.

Lord thank you so much for your word. Thank you so much that you love us and I pray you continue to teach us how to understand the bible story, how to understand stories. In Jesus' name, Amen!

I'm a discovery channel fan, back in the day Wild Kingdom. Any of you all remember Wild Kingdom? Ok so everybody raising their hand those are the old people ok. How many people do not know Wild Kingdom? Ok those are all the youngins. It's back in black and white TV you know it's hard to explain ah what that is like. But Wild Kingdom was animal shows. It was 2 guys used to go out and wrestle alligators and all that kind of stuff. Ah but I was watching one day and they were doing a, a special on wildebeests. Wildebeests are like these 1.5 wildebeests in a herd and they migrate you know in the Serengeti plains and they walk 5 million miles and get their food and then walk 5 million miles back and they get eaten by hyenas and ...

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