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Miles McPherson

How's everybody doing today? We want to welcome everybody here, everybody watching online. At the multisite, welcome up there North county. Ah let's get your bibles out. Get your bible out and say woooorrrrddd. Very good. Let's see your pens, say pens, lesson plan.

Let's turn to Genesis 3, the 3rd chapter of the whole bible. Get your lesson plan out cuz we're gonna spend a little time in your lesson plan first. Genesis 3, the 3rd chapter of the bible. Get your lesson plan out and your pen.

Several years ago I went to a rec center to speak to a group of kids about sexual purity and whenever you go speak someplace you always want to make sure several things are in place so everything can go smooth. 1-is you have ah people can see you. More importantly they can hear you. There's a good sound system. There is some kind of order in the room especially when you talk to a bunch of kids and it's not in a church setting. You want to make sure there's order in the room, people have seats. There's supervisors and there's you know a good introduction and everything's set up for you so you can come up and give your presentation.

So I go into this rec center in this urban community that was very run down and I was with a buddy of mine. We both speak. We were both going around the city talking and everything that you needed wasn't there. It was ghetto fabulous. They, it was like yo on TV raps. They would have a little rap contest. There were little nasty dancing on each other, little bear-bear kids are running around. How many of you all don't know what a bear-bear kid is? Just kids with no, no control. They're running around. There were no seats. There was no supervision. The sound system was horrible. It was complete chaos and I was there to talk about sexual purity and, and it was just, it was, it was a mess and my buddy who was with me, we're both, he, we just s ...

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