by Miles McPherson

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David and Goliath (16 of 17)
Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson
1 Samuel 17:24-26

And if you're new to the rock, maybe it's your first time or you're watching online for the first time and you're not familiar with The Royal is, it's actually the newest teaching series that we've been going through for the past several weeks and it's all meant to help ups understand God's word a little bit better, going through the biblical genres. And so we're in the 4th week and the biblical genre that we've been studying is what? Do you guys know? Warriors right? Which is a type of narrative and so what I love about the narratives is that they've been teaching us or illustrating a bunch of doctrines and theology using/kind of revealing imperfect people and how God has brought them out of some kind of battle.

And so they showed this video over the weekend, last night actually at the marriage retreat which 600 people saw it including pastor Miles and Debbie and there was an overwhelming response and so I'm hoping that you came here this Sunday expecting to hear from God, that you didn't just come here out of habit but I'm gonna prepare you to get into a posture of actually hearing and feeling God move in your own life through a very familiar story the David and Goliath story but you're gonna hear it in a very new way. So go ahead and prepare yourself and see what God has for you today.


Leasha: It was something I had done very often, walk down to the bluffs outside my apartment building to look at the ocean but I didn't realize that on that night fear would be brought into my life like I could never imagine.

Miles: One of the most powerful stories in the bible is a story about David and Goliath. It took place in the valley of Elah, a place just like this. It was a hill on one side with the Israelite army and a hill on the other side of the valley with the Philistine army and in the middle was a valley and every day for 40 days Goliath a 9'9'' giant came ...

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