by Miles McPherson

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Warriors Part 3 (17 of 17)
Series: The Royal
Miles McPherson

A few years ago I got a car with a GPS in it, put your address of where you're going. It has a little map that tells you when to turn, when to make a U-turn, right or left, how far down the intersection it is and it has a voice a woman who tells you what to do. So I named her Shaniqua. So we talk. So you know you're driving down and you say you want to go here and it says you know she says prepare to exit. So you got to move over to the right and exit in 300', slow down the vehicle. Make a u-turn in 1000'. You know she's just giving you directions. So you know I, I basically was doing what she said and then one day I said - I' not gonna do what she says. I want to see what she does if I tell her no! so I'm driving down the street and she says prepare to exit and I said no! So I didn't move over to get to the right lane. I just stayed in the left lane and as I got close to the intersection she says prepare, I said prepare to exit. And I said no! I said no! So we went through this little argument and then I past the exit and the, the directions on the screen went blank and it was quiet for about 5 seconds and then she said oh not you did not! Just past the exit. How many of you all don't believe I'm telling the truth? Oh man! I'm just, this really happened, this really happened. So she didn't say I no, no you didn't but you know just put some flavor in it. This really happened I wanted, I wanted to see what she was gonna do.

When God calls you and tells you to do something you do not have the right to tell Him no. Now you have the freedom to tell Him no. In other words He has allowed you that option but you are always going to be wrong. When He says turn right you turn right. When He says He wants to use you let Him use you. When He says He wants you to serve you serve. Too often we say no to God and we give Him excuses.

Now we're in week 5 of the series call ...

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