by Miles McPherson

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Easter (2 of 2)
Series: Edge of Darkness
Miles McPherson
Matthew 28

Let's turn to Matthew 28.

Lord thank you so much for another Easter. Thank you for being our dad. Thank you for being patient with us and we pray you bless us tonight and Lord I pray we could be a blessing to you. In Jesus' name, Amen!

When you go into a dark room the only reason it's dark is because there's no light there but darkness in and of itself is not an entity. It's not tangible. It's just a result of no light, so it's really nothing.

Now spiritual darkness is a little different story. Spiritual darkness is the presence of evil. It has a leader Satan. It has followers demons and people who hate God. It has a strategy and an intent and a plan. So unlike physical darkness spiritual darkness can do things to you. It is not something to be feared but respected.

Jesus' life was 33 years long and His ministry was 3 years, but the last week of His life was absolutely the most important. In all His life, Satan was coming after Him with a strategy to destroy His plan.

Now Satan's goal was not to kill Jesus. That wasn't His goal. His goal was for Jesus to die a sinner because if Jesus died a sinner His plan of salvation wouldn't have worked. We would have no hope. So the devil's job and goal was to throw as much evil on Christ to get Him to disqualify Himself as our Savior.

And so what we're gonna look at today is the last day of Jesus' life. We're gonna do a little review the last week of Christ then we're gonna look at what happened the day He rose from the dead because the day He rose from the dead validated the fact that Christ conquered everything Satan threw at Him.

Now why is this important? The reason this is important is because you and I are subject to the devil's schemes and he is trying to destroy all your life. He's trying to disqualify you from everything Christ would have for you: salvation and the blessings of salvation. And if Christ conquered death, ...

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