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by Miles McPherson

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Logos (1 of 6)
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Miles McPherson

Ride, when they, they rode around the county and then they got back here there were 300 volunteers and the little league champ baseball team's out playing football with our, some of our kids in foster care. They understand the best where there's football that's why they were playing football out there. Um, but anyway they raised some money about 7, 7-10,000 for their foster care ministry and about 10 kids got saved at that event and there was 300 volunteers there. Very good.

And then yesterday morning we also had 3 groups of people cleaning up down in southeast San Diego and I want to read to you what they did um because it was pretty impressive. !-There was 400 people at Chollas Lake and Jenny Perry helped organize the volunteers and what they did they cleaned the bushes, brush. They cut out branches, cleaned out all this garbage and they painted some of thee um benches and um play area and the city officials that were there they came in after with their trucks and loaded their dump trucks with stuff that we cleaned out. They said it would have taken 6-8 months to do what we did yesterday in 1 day. Amen!

And then Colina Del Sol had a, they, there was a rec center there. 180 people went there and painted. A guy named David Atherton he donated supplies and equipment. He went there the night before and taped it all out so they could paint. Stephanie Foller was also there organizing volunteers and they painted that place. It was unbelievable.

And then the Jacob Center another 300 people down in southeast went in Chollas Creek and cleaned out the creek. Now we had a couple named Mark and Debbie, they have a dump truck and they donated a dump truck. We put everything in a dump truck and took it to the dump in two loads and when you go to the dump they, dump they weight it. So what we put in that dump truck was 5,000 pounds of trash they took out of that creek. It was unbelieva ...

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