RHEMA (2 OF 6)

by Miles McPherson

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Rhema (2 of 6)
Series: Body Language
Miles McPherson

You may come here next week and nothing's happening. I don't know but that's, the police have been warned and the police are with us. We are in contact with them every day cuz this guy is pretty serious about what he does and all he wants is publicity. He does not represent, Jesus does not represent the Baptist. He don't represent nobody but himself and he/it's bogus but so they target us and I'm honored. We're honored to be target by that guy.

Let's see your bibles. One more time. Let's see your pens, pen, lesson plan.

Let's turn to Matthew 4.

By the way I saw that the Denver Broncos are undefeated still. What, what? Denver Broncos won. Huh? They what? They lost the game? They're undefeated right? So what are you all saying? They're undefeated. So we play them next Monday. I'm just kind of stirring stuff up here you know just trying to you know create tension. That's, that, that's where we're going with this conversation, trying to you know get tension, tension, excitement you know controversy.

Lord thank you so much for your faithfulness and your goodness. Thank you for being patient with us and we pray that we will continue to develop and nurture a do something church and we pray that ah, I pray that people would realize the value of serving and I pray you'd teach us more about body language, your communication to us. In Jesus' name, Amen!

How many of you all have never heard of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama? Never heard of it? Ok a few people, just a few. Ok. How many of you all have heard of it? Ok how many of you all are tired of it? Ok very good, very good. Ok. Well just suffer for me for a minute for all the people who don't know, the 5 people who don't know. Jon and Kate have 8 kids, a reality show. They're together then they, they trash each other on TV then they get a divorce and in the p ...

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