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Miles McPherson

Then we talked last week about them. So he has a couple people out there that today with signs. Everything they say God hated they had signs saying God loved. They were here today and then we had a lady from our church that had a sign that said someone needs, something like someone needs a hug. I didn't really see it but it was something like that. Does someone need a hug? And we had some marines out there and marine flag over there. Amen, Amen! Some people drove by today dropping F bombs on them and cursing at them and, but we obviously, obviously we don't want to do that. Unfortunately and hopefully it doesn't get reported this way, people will associate that with us cuz they're out there even though there's people from all over driving around here but we always want to be careful that ah you know we just always want to be a good witness. And so we had you know people out there protesting. Hopefully they'll come in and join us for church.

So anyway we had, 3 years ago we had some people from North County Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Leucadia that area asked us to put a church up there cuz they were coming down here and what that means is that we would have a place where we would have worship. We would have church services and everything would be live except the message would be video. Ok? It would be video of this and so 3 years ago we said you know - We're not ready to do that. We still got to move into this building. We want to just be here and you know we have a lot to do. So now we're at the point where we're exploring, everyone say exploring, the possibility of doing it and this Wednesday and next Wednesday I'm gonna be going up there and having some vision casting meetings. If you're, if you want to come you're available, anybody live up north of 52 by the way? Ok, ok a few people ok.

If you open your bulletin it says satellite, it say ...

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