by Miles McPherson

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Signs of Life (4 of 6)
Series: Body Language
Miles McPherson

How many of you felt like you looked like that last night? That's what, I looked in the mirror and I saw that last night. Let's see your bible. One more time say word. Let's see your pens, lesson plan.

I forgot to say - How about them Chargers? So now we're 3 and 3. Ok um who in here is a Raider fan? See you know it's really not a Christian thing to do to boo when sinners come to church ok? I'm only kidding, I'm only kidding. We should want sinners to be here. No I'm only kidding. But anyway we'll pick up another win next week and we'll be 4 and 3 ok. Did the Yankees win? They didn't play. They got rained out again? Oh still playing ok.

Turn to Hebrews 4, Hebrews 4, Hebrew, Hebrews 4:11/12.

Lord as we turn to Hebrews, it's in the New Testament by the way towards the end, I pray that you'd bless us and prepare our hearts for what you're going to say to us and I pray that you would challenge us to trust you again. I pray you would teach us about your word, how powerful it is and I pray that we would trust your word. In Jesus' name, Amen!

One of the main reasons why so many people in our country and it applies around the world as well but specifically the Unites States are experiencing disease, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, over weight, depressed, one of the big reasons is because of our diet cuz what you eat. There are 2 kinds of food. There are food that is alive and food that's dead. Everyone say live food, dead food. Live food, the difference between live food and dead food is that live food or food that is alive or food that has a life force they call it, they have enzymes in them and the enzymes are catalyst if you remember from chemistry a catalyst is something that causes a reaction to happen. They are catalyst that help digestion. These enzymes help digest food. They help you to absorb digested food. They help build your immune system. They ...

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