by Miles McPherson

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The Interpreter (6 of 6)
Series: Body Language
Miles McPherson

How many of you all felt like you looked like that last night? I looked in the mirror I saw that last night. … is that you don't have time to practice with interpreter. It's not like you can do the whole sermon and have them do it and then you just kind of go up there and they got to figure it out as you go and they watch you and listen because if you 're doing something like this with your hands or whatever they got to do that and then, and especially I like messing with interpreters and doing that stuff to see how they do it because most interpreters just talk-talk-talk but if you, you know I just start doing you know whatever I just like to act stuff out and, and see if they'll do it.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you a little demonstration of what this interpreter did for me but I don't want to tell you what country this is from and I don't want to tell you its language because I'm not really trying to make fun of a language or a country. I'm really trying to illustrate a point. So what I'm gonna say is not really a language it's made up. So I'm not really trying to make fun of anybody so if you try to think oh that's this language or that language you're gonna be wrong. Ok.

So I'm in this thing it's all these pastors about you know a couple thousand pastors and I would say something like - Jesus walked down the road and the guy would say - ba-da-da-de-de. Ok. And, and then I would say - And Jesus saw His disciple. He'd go - ba-dip-bla-da-de-di. And then I would say something funny that I think is funny and he would - bu-do-dap and no one would laugh. I was like - Yo man, I think you got that wrong because they should, that was the bomb right there. But, but I can't say that. I just got to flow right. So then I'll say something serious and then he'll say what he says and everyone starts laughing. So I'm thinking - This brother is definitely not ...

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