by Stephen Whitney

Forgiven Forever
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 103:8-12

Have do you deal with the guilt you feel because of your sins?

Hours after he asked his parishioners to pray for him, Rev. Rafael Reatiga was found shot to death in a car in Bogota, Columbia along with another Roman Catholic priest in February 2012.

Police initially suspected both 37 year old priests were victims of robbery. But three weeks after their bodies were found, prosecutors said the two priests hired hitmen to kill them when at least one of them was diagnosed with AIDS.

Prosecutors located the alleged hitmen based on phone numbers the priests had called from their cell phones days before their deaths.

Prosecutors said that the priests paid about $8,500 for the hit. They had originally planned to commit suicide by throwing themselves into a canyon but couldn't bring themselves to jump.

Medical tests showed that Rafael had AIDS and also syphilis and had been visiting places frequented by gay men. Two of the four men had been arrested and face up to 40 years in prison.

Most people don't take their life because they feel guilty, but we do lots of other things to cover up our guilt.

1. We hide the truth from those around us by pretending nothing is wrong or blaming others for how they have treated us.

2. We develop sinful habits to cover our feelings of guilt such as lying, drinking, gambling or overeating to make us feel better.

3. We play mind games with our self pretending we are ok when really we are hurting and need to honestly deal with our guilt.

Guilt is anger directed at ourselves for something we have done we shouldn't have done or something we have not done we should have done.


This description of the character of God comes from Exodus 34:6 where God described his character to Moses when he gave him the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

God described his character toward man as compassionate. Instead of punishing the nation by ...

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