GOT A LIGHT? (29 OF 68)

by Chris Brown

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Got A Light? (29 of 68)
Series: 30 A.D. The Jesus Story
Pastor Chris Brown
Luke 11:33-54

The Problem With The Eye:
Luke 11:33-36

The Word and work of God is meant to be seen.

Ignoring the Word or work of God leads to spiritual blindness.

The Problem With Religion:
Luke 11:37-44

Religion leaves us externally clean and internally unchanged.

The religious want to be recognized for what they do, not for what's inside.

Religion forgets that there is a huge difference between our personal preferences and biblical principles.

The Problem With Legalism:
Luke 11:45-54

Legalism says "I'm a Christian because of my rules."

Legalism enslaves when Jesus came to set free.

Legalism would rather control God, than be controlled by God.

The Answer:

It is ALL about loving God and loving others.

Two Questions To Consider:

Would people say that I'm more religious, or more loving?

Would people say that I'm more concerned about rules, or

Looking back at this week's teaching and study, what is the most important thing for you to remember and why?

Growth Group Homework
QUICK REVIEW: Looking back at your notes from this week's teaching, was there a particular point, verse or comment that caught your attention, challenged you or raised a question?

1. When you hear that as a follower of Christ you are a light to the world, what's your response? (Choose any that apply)

• Great reminder
• I rarely think about it
• Makes me a bit nervous
• Gets me pumped up • Keeps me going
• Not sure what that means
• I feel like I have no effect
• Other

2. One of the questions we were asked to consider this week was "am
I known for being more religious or more loving?" How might someone balance out the concept of "tough love" with this statement and what it means to live out the truth of God's Word?

3. This week we heard that it's important th ...

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