by Geralyn McGill

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The Other Side (2 of 4)
Series: The Aims of Powerful Prayer
Geralyn McGill


"Oh, I pray that the supernatural is more natural and more real than the earthly realm to me."
--Pastor Venus Koen Stafford

What a prayer that is! What a request to God! If only, like the patriarchs, I would esteem the spiritual realm as much as the realm of the flesh. The Bible is full of such examples. What was seen, heard or said in the spiritual realm was believed first and manifested to the realm we behold with our natural eyes and senses.

If only we could see as Elisha who saw legions of angels of The Lord standing ready to fight in his defense. He did not fear. We would not fear if we could see. What confidence! If only we could see ourselves defeating a lion in battle, like David when he was a shepherd boy, defending his sheep. We do Kingdom work, like they. We have the heart to defend God's people, like they. When distressed believers who accidentally lost their axehead in the lake came to Elisha he called the axe head up from the water and restored it to them.

Or, if only we could even consider leaving family and familiar surroundings to go to an unknown place as God leads, as Abraham. Was there something Elisha, Abraham, and David saw that others did not see that empowered them with courage to go ahead and do the impossible? What could they have seen or heard that gave them the strength to defy natural circumstances? The Bible is full of such examples.

Those we read about in our Bible that God gave us as examples had faith. Abraham, for example, had faith. Abraham was the first man to be called "Hebrew;" which, translated, means "on THE OTHER SIDE." People could sense that Abraham was somewhat different. "On THE OTHER SIDE they nicknamed him." We are called Abraham's seed because Abraham's faith is in us (Gal 3:7). His brand of faith was passed down to us like a seed which reproduced after its own kind, into generations follo ...

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