by Ernest Easley

God's New Thing This Year
Ernest L. Easley
Isaiah 43

As we begin a new year together, take God's word and turn with me to Isaiah 43. As we enter into this new year, it's only natural to want to reflect back over the previous year and consider what all was accomplished.

That's true in our professional life as well as our personal life. It's also true in our spiritual life.

How much time did I spend in God's Word?
How consist was I in my prayer life?
Did my witness help bring anybody to Jesus?
Did my giving reflect my heart for God?
Was Sunday School/Worship a priority?

So? How was your spiritual life last year? And what changes are necessary to take it to the next level this year?

And consider this: what did you see God do this year? And not only in you and through you, but around you? I don't know about you, but I saw God do some things in me and through me last year ... but oh ... the things I saw Him do around me!

I saw Him restore broken marriages.
I saw Him save the souls of many including:

attempted suicide victims
teenagers and adults

I saw Him give hope to the hopeless.
I saw Him give forgiveness to the fallen.
I saw Him transform lives.

What all did you see God do around you this past year? Not just in you and through you, but around you? What a mighty God we serve!

Well .. as wonderful as all those things were last year, what would you say if I told you that God has ''a new thing'' for you in 2013? A ''new thing'' that's better, that's bigger, that's greater, that's mightier than what you saw Him do last year in you, through you and around you?

And let me say that if you continue dwelling on the old things God has done, you're not going to see the new things God has planned for 2013. Focusing on the past, as good and great as it was, tends to blur our focus on today. In other words, it's hard to see in front of you when you're constantly looking behind you!

That's what Paul w ...

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