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Christmas in Rome (1 of 26)
Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 1:2-4

REVIEW: Last week we covered a large part of chapter 1 and answered 5 questions.

Who wrote the letter? - that was Paul
To whom did Paul write it? to the Saints of God in Rome
When was it written? While Paul was in Corinth at the home of Gaius.
Why was it written? Personal reason, Educational reason, Financial reason.
What was the message? The Gospel of Jesus Christ

TEXT: Romans 1:1-4 (NASB95)
1 Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God,

Now here Paul does something a little different than he does in some of his other letters. At the very beginning you will see as the Gospel travels further and further from Jerusalem Paul specifies in greater detail which Jesus he is referring to. Early on, it was sufficient to say "Jesus of Nazareth". Everyone in Israel new typically what that Jesus claimed to be and accomplish.

BY THE TIME PAUL WRITES there were several different humanly conceived "Jesus's" that were beginning to be preached as the Gospel moved further in time and vicinity from ground zero.

1. The Gnostic Jesus - was a Spiritual apparition that emanated from the Father.
2. The Jewish Jesus - The Jews commonly believed Jesus was an ordinary guy, some even a false prophet, but not a king and not the Son of God.
3. There was the Jesus of the Judaisers who accomplished part of the work, but left the rest up to you.

Well in verses 2-4 Paul specifies which Jesus he was referring to.

OUR CONTEXT: This is incredibly valuable for us, because we are 2,000 years removed and on the other side of the planet from ground zero where it all took place.
• In the 1730's - 1740's a great revival swept the early american colonies called the 1st Great Awakening and Jesus became the central topic of conversation across our country. The common man was well versed in theology.
• In the early 1800's a movement called the 2nd gr ...

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