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Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 3:21-31

CONTEXT: Last week we completed the first section of Romans. Chapters 1-3 were written as if we (humanity) were on trial before God. Paul took up the role of the prosecuting attorney arguing God's case against the sinfulness of mankind.

• Remember that Chapter one described sin's manifestation in the lives of the Greeks or those who spent most of their lives far from the things of God. They found themselves given over as it were to various forms of sexual deviancy. They experienced the Judgement of god by being released to the full impact of their sins.

• Remember that Chapter two described those of us who grew up in church. It described the Jewish people and how the sin nature manifested in their lives by a prideful judgmentalism.

The culmination of Paul's case was 3:19 that every mouth may be closed.

NOW Paul changes sides and begins arguing for the defense (humanity). What hope do we have? What has God done that we might be saved?

• Donald Grey Barnhouse said this is the most important paragraph of the Bible.
• Martin Luther said this paragraph is the chief point and center point of the whole Bible.

As we read the passage I want you to watch for three BIG WORDS. Justification, Redemption and Propitiation. If you can understand those words you can understand Romans.

TEXT: Romans 3:21-31 (ESV)
21 But now
"Just as a large door swings on small hinges so major thoughts depend on those two small words" Thank God for those two words.

You were dead in your trespasses and sins. You were under the Judgement of God, handed over to your lust and depravity and pride. You were enslaved to the world, the flesh and the devil. AND THIS poor pitiful existence was the closest thing to Heaven you would ever see. It was just a matter of time before the angels of God laid heavy chains upon your back and cast you into a place created for Satan himself called Hell. There you would re ...

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