by Zach Terry

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Three Groans (10 of 26)
Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 8:18-27

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: Life can be described as a vain attempt to gain GLORY and avoid GROAN.
• You might even say that the 1st 1/2 of life is given to gaining GLORY.
• My 8 year old son LOVES superheroes. Some of our most fascinating conversations revolve around which Avenger would you most like to be and why? Personally - I go with Iron Man.
• My daughters read about princesses - not the life and times of an ordinary gal... they want to know about the ELITE.
• The 2nd 1/2 of life is given to avoiding the GROAN.
• Every conversation with my parents who are in their 60's begins with how they are feeling today. Where does it hurt today?

You see the first half is given to gaining GLORY, the second half is given to avoiding GROAN.

That's pretty much 3/4 of what Ecclesiastes is all about.

Why is it that there is something within each of us that is magnetically drawn to glory. We want to behold glory, we want to be around glory, we want to experience glory. That is why:
• People gather at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls and stand it awe
• People pay money to watch grown men dress up like super-heroes and pretend to have special powers.
• People flock around those who are famous, who have achieved some level of human greatness.

ILLUSTRATION: People literally went into depression after 3D, HD Avatar.

I don't think that's all bad - I think we are wired for something very different that what we experience here and we know it. Wisdom is recognizing it and recognizing that at it's best everything on this planet is a pitiful attempt to meet a need that it cannot meet.

Not only does it not satisfy us with GLORY, each one of us has our share of the GROAN.

So life is given to erase the GROAN and replace it with GLORY.

Think about it the biggest money makers on the planet are either promising to give you some experience of GLORY, or eliminate your experience of GROAN. ...

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