by Zach Terry

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God's Answer to the Christian's Why (11 of 26)
Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 8:28-39

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: Being a Father means knowing more, caring more and having to say from time to time - just trust me.

I remember when I first became a dad. I had the bright idea that I was going to do a few things different than my dad did. I was going to create the perfect family environment to where it was always ok to ask, "why?". You see, my father did something that many of your's did - when he would tell me how it was going to be and I would ask, "why?" Dad would give me this frustrating answer of - because I, your father, said so. Now he somehow that was supposed to put my mind at rest. Well, I decided that I was going to change all of that and I was going to be the one dad in history who never said, "because I said so". I was always going to answer the "why?" question with - "let me explain" - assuming that there were always going to be enough hours in the day, or enough comprehension in the child's brain, that my explanation would bring us both to the same conclusion and our family would be perfectly happy. I realize my brilliant plan had holes in it around the time my first born child was old enough to utter the word, "why?". It was then that I recognized, this was not a coherent question, driven by a desire to get all the facts - this was a delay tactic. She didn't really want to know why, she really didn't care why. Why just sounded better than NO, I'm not going to do it.

Well - as kids get older, "Why?" doesn't go away. In the teenage years sometimes it is proper to sit down and give them some of your reasoning. We have a rule that IF we are going to answer the "Why?" question it is when and ONLY when they have fully obeyed first - So if I say, "take out the trash" and he says "why?" that doesn't get an answer... if he takes out the trash, returns and I have time to answer then and only then I'll try to explain why.

BUT YOU KNOW - it really mor ...

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