by Zach Terry

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Prejudice Limits Potential (14 of 26)
Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 10:11-21

INTRODUCTION: To help us set the stage for today's text - Let's do a quick survey of who we have represented among us. For those of you that are even slightly into ancestry, or the origin of your surname - this will be easy.
• German
• Scandinavian
• irish (Hello cuz)
• african
• hispanics
• asians
• russian
• Texans?
{ROMANS 9, 10 and 11 is Paul's Explanation
of why not many Jews are among us. }

As a matter of fact I am told that in Jerusalem the birth place of Christianity there is one Evangelical church that runs about 300.

• In Romans 9 - Paul explains their rejection in terms of God's Sovereign Plan and mercy toward the Gentiles
• In Romans 10:1-10 Paul explains their rejection in terms of Israel's free will rejection of Jesus.
• They had zeal without knowledge.
• They had law without Christ.
• They had works without faith. THEY PREFERRED AN EARNED GOSPEL
• BTW, to this day they are zealous for the law. ILL: On the sabbath they had an elevator that stopped on every floor, because to push a button was to break the sabbath. They also had a gentile elevator that worked like normal. They would let us push the button for them, but they wouldn't push it. It's like - well you guys are going to hell anyway so go ahead and push the button.
• Now in Romans 10:11-21 Paul explains a major reason they Jews reject the Gospel is frankly because they don't like the fact that it is being accepted by all of you Gentiles.

They preferred religion to be a sort of secret society.

ILLUSTRATION: It's like some of our men who have jobs in the defense industry. I'm absolutely fascinated by what they do, but I have learned not to ask too many questions. They have a pat answer for me, "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you". Their info. is on a "need to know" basis and apparently I don't need to know.

Well that's how the Jews saw rel ...

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