by Zach Terry

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Christ in Culture - Part 1 (20 of 26)
Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 13:1-7

INTRO: As we begin this new section of Romans we are beginning to see how Paul instructs the church at Rome as to how live out Christianity in the context of a distinctly pagan culture.

We see this in the ministry of John the Baptist -
In Luke 3:10-15 John the Baptist has just taught that the Kingdom of Heaven in at hand... 10 And the crowds were questioning him, saying, "Then what shall we do?"
John then gave them application for soldiers and tax-collectors and the like...

So everyone of us after we digest the Gospel ask - what shall we do? How does this apply to me and my culture.

Historically the church has tended toward one of two errors when it comes to culture.

1. Christ against Culture - This is the Amish or Monastic response to culture - where they retreat from culture less it affect them more than they affect it. Closer to home here in the buckle of the Bible belt we very quickly retreat into a Christianized sub-culture. For example we have our own radio stations, tv stations, We have an ACRONYM for EVERYTHING! wwjd, "get more info about our GIC in the FLC" mops. How many are involved in CBSM

Yep, we have a christian sub-culture.

ILLUSTRATION: The problem with a Christian Sub Culture is you become like the boy in the bubble. I remember growing up they would re-run the John Travolta made for TV movie every few months - the boy in the bubble. He was born without an immune system so he had grow up in a bubble, but then he fell in love so he created a suit so he could go pursue the love of his life. But he was always in the bubble.

The other extreme is...
2. Christ of Culture - This is the liberal response to culture... believing that Christ is represented in every culture, so nothing is inherently evil, but everything is a revelation of Christ.

but the biblical perspective is not Christ against culture or Christ of culture...

3. Christ ...

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