by Jerry Watts

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The Price Is Great (2 of 5)
Series: A Fan or A Follower
Jerry Watts
Luke 9:23 / Luke 14:25-27

(Note: This series is inspired by Kyle Idleman's book - "Not a Fan")

• (DVD Sermont - Week 2) The concept of 'anyone' or 'any man' (KJV) is a frequently used concept in the New Testament. It is obvious that Jesus came to give His offer of salvation, eternity, and relationship with God to anyone, everyone, and whosoever. Kyle just repeated our text from this morning and we read it now. Jesus said, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up His cross daily, and follow me." Luke 14 turns up the heat. We read these verses with the question looming over us: "Am I a fan of Jesus or am I a follower of Jesus?"

• To this question most of us in this building would say, "I'm a follower" without giving the question much thought. Tonight let's follow the example of Jesus when He stood in front of a large crowd. *Be reminded that the crowd, in large measure, came to Jesus to see the show. As long as he performed miracles, fed the crowds, and hugged the babies, the fans showed up. But every time the fans showed up, Jesus raised up the level or the bar of commitment.

• In Luke 9 and 14, we get the idea that Jesus is bringing some realism to the crowd's fantasy. He does that for us also - because, for the follower, the price is high.

1. The Call - Both passages issue a call and in our English language use the word 'anyone.' Some translations use 'any man' (mankind), some any, and some "YOU."

• The call goes out to anyone and everyone. This call to be a follower (disciple) is not for the spiritual elite, it is for everyone who hears Jesus calls and responds to His voice. The call is not 'just be forgiven of your sins and get to go to heaven', the call of Jesus is to follow me and be my disciple.

• Notice the verbiage in Luke 14 where Jesus says, "If anyone comes TO me." Remember at this point Jesus is speaking to the huge crowd; ...

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